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"I can’t come to school on my period because the boys will laugh at me"
– Mirriam

AGF was founded by siblings Rajeev & Riya Sharma. They are firm believers in the power of education to eradicate poverty in Africa, particularly for the girl child. It came to their attention that a domestic worker was routinely and mysteriously missing work. When asked about her absence, she revealed an embarrassing truth; she could not afford disposable sanitary pads.


Feeling ashamed about her situation resorted to risking her very livelihood in order to avoid the stigma and embarrassment that can come along with menstruation. Her story is one that thousands of Kenyan girls and women live with every single day. Rajeev & Riya started to research this issue and discovered some astounding facts about how period poverty affects the girl child’s education prospects, and so AGF was born!

What We
Are Doing

AGF works closely with vulnerable communities by providing school girls with reusable sanitary kits, training them on sexual & reproductive health, and holding mentorship workshops. Our vision is to equip them with the skills they need for a successful future.

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