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AGF distributes free reusable sanitary kits called Malaika to school girls from low income backgrounds. Girls often resort to unhygienic alternatives such as tree bark, mud, grass as they are unable to afford disposable sanitary pads. Each kit consists of 4 reusable pads and washing soap to last every girl for over an year.

Sexual & Reproductive Health

AGF provides intensive educational forums around menstruation and body hygiene to all students in our projects. Our focus on training and FAQ sessions allow girls to confidently engage in the subject of menstruation. This builds their understanding and knowledge on the subject of women’s health.

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AGF has impacted over 6,000 girls all over Kenya, resulting in higher concentration levels in class, a decline in teenage pregnancies and reduced absenteeism by up to 60% in some cases. Our mentorship program aims to nurture impactful career choices with the agenda of supporting sustainable community building for girls in Africa.

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