65% of school girls in Kenya cannot afford a sanitary pad as a basic necessity!

The African Girl Foundation is a non-profit organisation leading the Menstrual Movement in Africa. We are changing the conversation around periods and providing free kits to girls in need! 


Our vision is to ensure no girl misses school due to a lack of sanitary pads. Period! 




AGF distributes free reusable  sanitary kits called Malaika to school girls from low income backgrounds.


These girls often resort to unhygienic alternatives such as tree bark, mud, grass as they are unable to afford disposable sanitary pads.


Each kit consists of 4 reusable pads and washing soap to last every girl an entire year.



AGF provides intensive educational forums around menstruation and body hygiene to all students in our projects.


Our focus on training and FAQ sessions allow girls to confidently engage in the subject of menstruation.


This builds their understanding and knowledge on the subject of women’s health.


AGF has impacted over 3,000 girls all over Kenya, resulting in higher concentration levels in class, a decline in teenage pregnancies and reduced absenteeism by up to 60% in some cases.


Our idea is to build productive nations on the agenda of supporting sustainable education programs for girls in Africa.




Meet The Team




For Rajeev, the accessibility of sanitary pads throughout Africa is a cause that can change the lives of thousands of school girls struggling for this basic necessity.


To him, education is everything. Such a simple problem as accessing sanitary pads deserves a simple and sustainable solution.


His vision to keep girls in school is a pioneer agenda in the mission for sustainable education in Africa. It cannot be done without the intervention of promoting equal opportunity for all.




As a Kenyan woman, the issues facing girls in marginalized communities hit home with Riya. A former banker, Riya now works as a radio host with Radio Africa.


She has never shied away from using her platform to do good within the Kenyan community.


For Riya, the African Girl Foundation is a remarkable movement to sustainably change the lives of thousands of ordinary African girls, giving them their own opportunity at becoming extraordinary.



Head of Counselling


Dr. Vipon heads AGF's counselling and mentorship programs that help our girls communicate the challenges they face.


She is here to support a healthy engagement of girl child development through her years of expertise in the medical arena. She brings a vast range of  experience in women's healthcare. 

She is a gynecologist by profession with the passion to educate and empower girls on the importance of menstruation as a normal body process. 



The African Girl Foundation is not a short-term vision – we are here to stay and change the destinies of millions of African girls.


You can become part of our movement that is creating positive ripples of change to echo through communities for decades to come.

Individuals can contribute in two ways:

1) Sponsor Malaika Kits to underprivileged schools which will then be distributed by AGF. 

2) Volunteer on our school visits and be part of the distribution and education sessions.




Affiliate your business, school or association with African Girl Foundation and make a huge and lasting difference to the girl child’s future.


Please contact us for more information on info@africangirlfoundation.org.


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Interested in what we do? Drop us an email. We would love to hear from you!

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